How to Maintain Friendships in Later Life | Combating Loneliness in Older Generations


How to Maintain Friendships in Later Life | Combating Loneliness in Older Generations

How to Maintain Friendships in Later Life | Combating Loneliness in Older Generations 830 460 picpr-hannah

How do you maintain friendships in later life?

At Macc Care, we recognise the challenges of keeping up with friends as one grows older; however, it’s important to make an effort to nurture the friendships you have.

Whether it’s catching up over a cuppa and cake in your local coffee shop, or walking around the park, it’s lovely to see these connections taking place in everyday life.

In this blog, we’re sharing some tips on how to maintain friendships in the future and the life-changing benefits that you’ll see from keeping up with your social circle.

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Mental Health and Benefits | How to Maintain Friendships

As we get older, companionship remains crucial. Friendships and social interactions play a vital role in promoting overall wellbeing and quality of life in later years. 

These connections provide emotional support, friendship and a sense of belonging, which are essential for your mental and emotional health.

By nurturing your relationships, you can combat loneliness and help to reduce the risk of depression, anxiety, cognitive decline, and chronic health conditions. This will significantly enhance your quality of life and overall happiness in years to come.

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Strategies for Nurturing Friendships

There’s no guidebook on how to maintain friendships, but what we do know is it requires effort and communication. 

Social Activities 

At Macc Care, we encourage our residents to be involved in several clubs, classes, or community groups centred around shared interests or hobbies. We aim to offer something that suits everyone, whether it be arts and crafts workshops or physical activity through sports and fitness.

Being part of a community or groups like this will provide you with a sense of belonging and help to strengthen these connections.

Meeting Up With Friends 

If you’re concerned about getting to and from your friend and travelling alone, meeting halfway or attending with a supportive carer or friend is a brilliant way to ensure safety and security.

Here at Macc Care, for example, we have a dedicated team who are happy to help residents arrange reliable transport for outings and excursions. Alternatively, you could ask a family member to drive you to meet your friend.

Our care home services offer several hubs of social interaction, hosting various events. Through these avenues, you can create lasting memories, and discover new communities with individuals going through similar experiences.


Connecting Through Technology

Technology is pivotal in bridging distance and combating social isolation.

Skype, Zoom, and FaceTime allow for face-to-face communication regardless of physical distance, helping you to keep meaningful relationships and attend virtual gatherings. 

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram provide online spaces for sharing updates, photos, and messages with loved ones, accessible from either a phone or tablet.

By embracing technology, you can chat to your friends from the comfort of your home in an increasingly digital world.

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Navigating Change

Navigating change in friendships can be challenging, particularly during major life events such as retirement, relocation, or the loss of someone close to you.

Reaching out to existing friends, staying open to new experiences, and maintaining a positive outlook can ease the transition process.

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