Staying Connected in the Post-Christmas Months | Throughout January and Beyond

Staying Connected in the Post-Christmas Months | Throughout January and Beyond

Staying Connected in the Post-Christmas Months | Throughout January and Beyond 1024 576 picpr-hannah

Are you looking for ways for you or your loved one to stay connected amid the post-Christmas blues? 

In the aftermath of the festive buzz, post-Christmas January can often be a time when people tend to feel low, as the social aspect has well and truly wound down and family and friends get back to business as usual. 

And, with the winter months still having a while to go yet, we’re sharing ways to stay connected with older loved ones, to help make sure they don’t feel isolated post-Christmas. 

We’ll also be looking at ways you can take that connection through the rest of winter and into the spring, when, traditionally, we all start to feel much better.

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Staying Connected | Write a Personalised Letter 

Older generations in particular are familiar with letter writing. And, with personalised letters becoming increasingly rare, they offer the perfect way to stay connected with loved ones, whilst also providing a nice connection with the past.

By adding that personal touch to your communication style – as opposed to sending a text message – you’ll help foster a sense of connection with your loved one that goes beyond normal correspondence. As well as instigating a new social activity, you’ll be helping them to overcome their isolation.

A personalised letter adds a sense of value and importance into our lives, reassuring your loved one they’re not forgotten, but also demonstrating a willingness to go above and beyond on your behalf. 

A hand-written letter, after all, conveys a heartfelt and emotional connection, providing your loved one with a memento to cherish as well as helping combat loneliness.

Why not set up a family focused pen pal scheme? It’ll be rewarding for all parties involved, while offering a welcome throwback to times gone by for your loved one, harking back to when letter writing was the go-to.

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Staying Connected | Celebrate Special Occasions

Life events are important for everyone, and life very much goes on in care homes. 

So don’t forget to include your loved one in any milestones or achievements the rest of the family, especially the younger members, attain, as well as birthdays and anniversaries.

Come to the home to tell them, or video call, Whatsapp or text, but don’t forget! They’ll be as excited as anyone, so make sure they’re not an afterthought. 

Our caregivers will be only too happy to help facilitate a call so, if you have some news, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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Staying Connected | Regular Catch-ups & Visits

Don’t wait for the special occasions, either. Catching up with your loved one doesn’t need to be a fancy occasion or milestone event.

With modern day technology, it’s quick and easy to hop on a call and stay connected via video calling technology. 

You could set up a call during family dinners, involving your loved one in the conversation and making them feel like they’re at the table with you. This can add a sense of anticipation and excitement to meal times.

And, of course, visits don’t need to be virtual; why not try to commit to regular physical visits? 

We all have busy lives, but if you view visits much like you would a sports club membership or regular leisure activity, you can help create a sense of routine for loved ones. So, whereas Tuesday nights could be tennis practice, Thursday evenings could be earmarked for visiting. 

The more regular the better, but even once a month is better than never!

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Surprise Your Loved One 

Whilst routine often works well, surprising your loved one with an unexpected visit is a brilliant way to help put a smile on their face!

Surprises are loved by many, and it can serve as a simple gesture that can mean the world to somebody feeling disconnected from their familiar family unit.

Here at Macc Care, we’re committed to helping older people combat loneliness. Within our homes, this is done via group activities, day trips, and by supporting and encouraging family visits to those in receipt of our care home services.

We do our utmost to ensure those living with us don’t feel lonely, and we welcome people into our care community with open arms. 

So, if you’re looking for an environment to help your loved one stay connected and engaged, contact a member of our team.

And, speaking of community, why not read our previous blog on giving back to the community and how you can get involved?