Discover Our Top 5 Summer Activities For Seniors | How to Have Fun in the Sun

Discover Our Top 5 Summer Activities For Seniors | How to Have Fun in the Sun

Discover Our Top 5 Summer Activities For Seniors | How to Have Fun in the Sun 830 460 picpr-hannah

Are you excited for summer?

With the beginning of sunny months comes the arrival of family picnics and the opportunity to take full advantage of lighter and longer evenings!

In our blog, we’re sharing our top 5 summer activities for seniors.

Gardening | Summer Activities for Seniors

Gardening is a summer activity enjoyed by many throughout the sunny months!

From planting shrubs and trees to decorating hanging baskets or weeding for a tidy-up, gardening combines small exercises and physical activities that aren’t strenuous or overly tiring.

It’s a low-impact activity that provides fresh air and an opportunity to experiment with patterns, arranging beautiful flowers and foliage — a summer activity for seniors which can be enjoyed solo or with close friends and family.

At Macc Care, we encourage outdoor activities for our residents to reduce anxiety, stress, and symptoms of depression, enhancing overall mood and wellbeing in older adults.

Swimming | Summer Activities for Seniors

Swimming is an excellent form of exercise for older adults.

Swimming can be a social activity, from water aerobics classes to joining a swim team to simply swimming with friends or family, and the health benefits are amazing.

As swimming targets every muscle in the body, it’s a great, low-impact activity that is gentle on the joints — ideal for individuals with arthritis or low mobility issues. 

Regular swimming classes can also build muscle strength and endurance, essential for maintaining mobility, balance, and independence as older adults age.

Fruit Picking | Summer Activities for Seniors

Everybody knows fruit and vegetables are important to a healthy, balanced diet.

Rather than grabbing a punnet from the local supermarket, why not enjoy picking berries at a local fruit farm, where everything from strawberries and raspberries to cherries and blueberries can be found?

Most of these summer activities for seniors are accessible to those with limited mobility. Even if your loved one struggles to walk nowadays, this is an excellent option for getting out and about in a wheelchair.

Bird-watching | Summer Activities for Seniors

Not everyone will experience a burst of energy when the sun comes out! That’s why we’ve got a comfortable, easy-going activity in store that doesn’t require much effort.

Identifying birds and learning about their behaviours, habitats, and calls can stimulate the mind. It provides opportunities to improve cognitive engagement, memory recall, and problem-solving, crucial for maintaining a positive mental attitude.

Bird-watching is ideal for individuals with limited mobility or those who enjoy a less conversational activity. It’s an excellent way for older adults to get outdoors independently, improving their overall mood and wellbeing.

Walking | Summer Activities for Seniors

Walking is a simple yet effective way to fit in some exercise throughout the summer months.

Whether it’s a 10-minute walk around the block or a half-hour outing to the local coffee shop, walking in the sun significantly improves the health of older adults. Regular walking can strengthen bones while increasing balance and coordination.

Walking has been known to reduce the risk of cancer while keeping the heart strong and healthy. As a summer activity for seniors, it can also help to elevate mood and tackle feelings of sadness or isolation if done with a friend or family member.

If you’d like to find out more about summer activities for seniors, please contact us today and our team at Macc Care will be happy to help. 
Or, visit our website, read our previous blog, and explore ways your loved ones can stay active with limited mobility.