Why choose MACC Care

Why Choose MACC Care

Making the decision to move into a care home – or helping a loved one to make this choice – can feel very daunting. There’s so much to think about and difficult, sometimes conflicting emotions often come into play. We naturally want the very best for a loved one and will wish to be involved in the next chapter of their lives.

That’s why family ethos is so important at MACC Care. Though progressive and innovative, at the very forefront of the care sector, each of our wonderful homes is unique in personality and character, and all have a warm, all-embracing ‘family’ feel.

“MACC Care homes are places where people feel happy and emotionally connected; where lasting friendships and relationships of trust develop and fears are soon replaced with comfort and familiarity.”

Eva Recio-Dominguez, Sutton Rose Manager

Family values

MACC Care’s core values encompass love, care and compassion.

These characteristics embody our spirit, inspire all within our teams and resonate throughout our growing care homes family.

Exceptional, inspirational, unique

Though different in character and feel, each MACC Care home offers a happy, cohesive community and exemplary levels of nursing, residential and memory care.

Boasting superb amenities – both inside and out – our homes provide wonderful environments in which residents can uphold their independence and enjoy improved quality of life. Whether it’s tending to plants and growing vegetables with nature as a therapeutic backdrop, tucking into popcorn and taking in a classic with a cinema screening, pursuing a favourite pastime or trying a new activity or simply chatting with friends over a coffee, MACC Care homes are conducive to feeling good and living well.

“Our commitment to making a difference to our residents’ lives is visible in every aspect of our light and airy homes, from luxurious en-suite rooms to generous living areas, many with panoramic views and wonderful outside spaces in which to enjoy the great outdoors. It’s evident in superb leisure facilities and the delicious, home-cooked food that takes personal preferences and nutritional needs into account. It’s there in the range of stimulating activities and fun days we offer, and our close communication with family members.”

Debbie Pugh, MACC Care Regional Manager

Prioritising how people feel

We believe MACC Care’s people – delivering the exceptional care and support that can make all the difference – set us apart. From helping residents and their families make the transition from living independently to life in their care home and feeling settled, to getting to know each person and helping them maintain their sense of self and independence, all within our teams genuinely care and have residents’ best interests at heart.

“The staff who work at MACC Care absolutely care about residents. Residents will always come first.”

Lucy Bland, Director of Regulations

Connecting with the individual in everyone

“We seek to listen to the voice of each person, connect with them and respond with imagination and creativity. We aim to enable people to maximise their abilities and retain their independence as far as possible.”

Jackie Scott, Wulfrun Rose Manager

Compassionate, committed and cohesive teams

MACC Care staff are highly trained, professionally qualified and supported to build on their skills and do what they do best. Excellent leadership and ongoing training reflects both changes in our sector and the changing care and healthcare needs of residents. The result? Staff who uphold our values, feel fulfilled in their roles, bond with residents on a personal level and enrich their lives through personality and seamless care delivery.

Innovation and technology

As a progressive care provider, we use cutting-edge technology throughout our homes to provide outstanding care and ensure the safety and wellbeing of all every resident. 

From acoustic safety monitoring equipment, to hand held devices and electronic care plans our teams are equipped to work efficiently and effectively in residents’ best interests at all times.  

Prioritising safety and wellbeing

MACC Care has placed considerable emphasis on implementing the very best technology and Covid-safe amenities available, so that throughout the pandemic and today as we ‘live with’ the virus, our communities can keep safe and well, continuing to enjoy life within our homes.

We continue to adhere to stringent infection control and deep cleaning processes and where necessary, in line with guidelines, have adapted our environments to help reduce the risk of spreading the disease.

“Each MACC Care home follows Government guidance; we regularly undertake local IPC (infection prevention and control) audits and for extra peace of mind, our own audits are also in place.”

Sharen Guise, Director of Operations at MACC Care

A modern growing family

MACC Care has a rich heritage in care and a reputation for clinical excellence established over almost two decades. We opened our first home in Wolverhampton 2004 and over the years have grown our care homes ‘family’ across the Midlands.

2022 sees Blythe Rose – a specialist dementia care facility designed to raise the bar in advanced memory care and address the gap in local provision – open its doors to new residents. Later this year we will be welcoming residents to Blossomfield Rose, a bespoke luxury home set within the exceptional new Blossomfield Park development in Solihull.

With ambitious expansion plans underway we are adding to our portfolio, with new luxury care homes opening in the months to come in Leicestershire and Bedfordshire.

Our goal is to continue to make a difference to more peoples’ lives, through quality care, relationships and enriching experiences.

What makes us different?

“There are no empty promises at MACC Care. We genuinely ‘practice what we preach’ and the assertions that we make are provable, sustainable and evident.”

Debbie Pugh, Regional Manager

It’s easy to claim to be the best in your field but MACC Care breaks the mould. We’re forward-thinking, inclusive, progressive and consistent. 100% committed to supporting and enriching the lives of all making up our communities. Residents, their relatives and our own staff are ‘family’ within exceptional environments, consistent in approach yet unique in feel.

The best way to discover this is to come and meet with us; take a tour of some of our homes; talk with our people. If you’re considering care, for yourself or a loved one, we’re confident you’ll love what you see and importantly, how you’ll feel about making that all-important next step.

Why choose MACC Care?

Your reassurance checklist:

  • A rich heritage in care and clinical excellence gained over 18+ years
  • High quality homes offering luxury environments with excellent facilities and amenities
  • Professionally qualified staff who genuinely care about what they do
  • Fun, friendship, new opportunities, activities and enrichment for every resident
  • Warm environments with a ‘family’ feel – respectful and inclusive places to thrive
  • Individualised approach to residents’ needs and preferences
  • Exceptional people – proactive in care delivery and responsive to changing needs
  • Harnessing technology for the ultimate care provision and connectivity